Saturday 12 May 2007

I was right for once!!

Oh happy days for once I guessed the outcome of a sporting event correctly. I've been jinxed since my fateful six nations predictions back in February, this is the first time my predictions have turned out well, 100% accurately since Christmas, possibly since before Christmas actually. So far I called the six nations wrong, the Heino wrong, the Magners wrong, the GSP fight wrong, the Cro Cop fight wrong and most embarrassingly the Couture fight wrong.

As you may notice I'm wrong A LOT but not today mes amis, not today. I predicted the Sud Afriken teams would deliver a one-two knock-out punch to their respective Kiwi opponents today and oh how I was right, so wonderfully right. The Sharks had a bit of a dodgy moment against the Blues, even trailing 17-18 at one point, but they rallied and finished strongly, dispatching the Aucklanders 34-18. In the other match the Crusades were dominated by a very impressive Bulls outfit. Matfield and Botha were immense, harassing the New Zealanders at every break down, pushing the Kiwis back all day long, they were tenacious in defence. And very patient in attack, constantly ploughing their way into the Canterbury half and taking their time, building phase after phase. The Crusader's lack of discipline cost them dearly, with the Bulls almost forcing them to kill the ball just to slow the South African down. Hougaard took gull advantage, all 27 of the Bulls' points coming from his boot. McCaw was sin-binned late in the second half too but at that stag the Crusaders were dead and buried anyway, they had found no way to unlock the Bulls defence and had no answer for the power of their forwards eventually falling 27-12 to the Sud Afriken outfit.

So I'm gonna go out on a limb and pick the.. Bulls over the Sharks in the Super 14 final... c'mon *crosses fingers*

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