Tuesday 15 May 2007

Greater Scrum-capped Highland Wallaby - [Stephenus Larkhamus]

Seems Edinburgh have managed to pull so far one of the greater coups of the rugby offseason and signed former Brumbies and Australia star out-half Stephen Larkham. But I'm not entirely sure Steve knows where he's heading exactly...

"I'm looking forward to coming to Edinburgh," he said. "It's a lovely city and I want to bring a winning culture to the team."

...well Edinburgh is a great city but winning culture? That's a bold statement from the ex-Wallaby. Edinburgh finished 8th this year in the Magners league. That's 8th out of eleven teams. I tried not to watch them because the hideously low standard of rugby they play is actually offensive to the eyes

"Looking at some of the players already there, such as Mike Blair and Chris Paterson, there is a lot of potential in the squad."

They do have a lot of players... not many good ones though as Larkham was quick to point out. Blair, Paterson, Hogg and Murray are the only Edinburgh players of any real note. Whilst they managed to sign Larkham in the post-season Edinburgh have also lost Simon Taylor to Stade Francais and Rob Dewey has gone off to play in Ulster

"Coming from Brumbies, I am used to being involved in the building of a successful team."

That's a fair point but Larkham'll have to provide miracles on a weekly basis in the Scottish capital to turn this team around. Their backs have the collective creative output of Brian O'Driscoll's little finger... the one on his weaker hand. If Larkham manages to squeeze any kind of flowing attack out of a back's division that went simply from side to side last year before surrendering possession (generally through incompetence) that will be some achievement

"One of the things that attracted me to Edinburgh is the team environment and the way in which my contract negotiations were carried out."

Rohypnol I'm guessing


David said...

I can't believe he's joining a Scottish club. Aren't they talking about ending the Border Reivers as a professional team? And aren't a bunch of the scottish national team players LEAVING their scottish clubs this summer?

Talk about a bad choice! Scottish rugby is in the shit!

By the way, why are there so many (relatively young) All Blacks coming to europe this summer?

Macka said...

ye i know, Larkham is just shooting his career, repeatedly, until it lies broken and dead.

there's a post bout the all black exodus further down ze blog armours

David said...

Ok right, i see that now.

The situation with the AB's is pretty interesting as we are lucky a similar incident hasn't happened to the IRFU, but it probably will someday.

Without being able to compete financially, really the only thing small unions can do is continue the policy of not picking overseas players. It seems to be kinda working when you consider shane jennings and leo cullen are coming crawling back to Leinster this summer.

We're also pretty lucky that Irish rugby players get that tax break as long as they finish their professional careers in Ireland.

One major problem still is the celtic league, it badly needs to be sexed up a bit. If the scottish pulled themselves together it might be somewhat interesting, but right now its a bit of a joke. The idea that Leinster can have such a poor away record and still nearly win the league is a bit retarded.