Sunday 27 May 2007

God Dammit Conto

Argentina 22-20 Ireland

Nooooooo Conto noooooooooo. Bastard. To be fair Ireland lost this match for themselves. A lack of kicking accuracy from Wallace, Duffy and ultimately G Murphy cost us the game. The pack had an absolute monster of an 80 minutes; Heaslip, N Best and Mick O'Dizzle (when he came on) were on fire. That Carney chap looked dangerous the three or four times he got his hands on the ball and I thought Boss played well at nine personally (though everyone else seems to disagree vehemently). What was most worrying for the Irish besides the scoreline was the performance and possible injury of Paddy Wallace. Although I think he would compliment the Irish backline better than ROG, his kicking game let him down and now if he's injured for the second test Eddie might have to look to fly over Staunton. Better him than Murphy or Duffy standing at 10... that'd be a disaster. Disappointing performances from Gleeson and Hogan too, you can probably count them out of world cup contention. Bowe was as much a liability as usual, he gave away 2 or 3 penalties in the first 5 minutes.

The Irish team was a mix of the good, the bad and the plain ugly towards the end of the match but as a unit they actually played surprisingly well. I'm presuming Jennings, Cullen, Reddan, Jackman, O'Dizzle and G Murphy to get full games next week. Ye next week.. when the Argentines will be without Contepomi, he has to go to Dublin to collect his degree from the College of Surgeons, mwahahahha.

South Africa 58-10 England

I can't remember how far it was into the first half when Matthew Tait made that break for England. Must have been round 25 minutes or so, anyway he tears off down the centre of the pitch, gets isolated, looks for support and finds it on his right shoulder. The ball is sent out towards the right wing and suddenly there was a sense of 'oh shit the bastards might score'. But up pops some poor lummocks of an English forward who tries to throw a looping pass out wide only for it to sail despairingly over his teammates outstretched hands. By the time the wayward pass hits the turf Bryan Habana has already scooted around to the wing, recovers the balls and sprints away the length of the pitch for the second Springbok try.

I don't think I've ever laughed so hard in my life. Words cannot emphasise how crap the Eng-u-lund team were. I know they didn't have most of their forwards but my god at least try!!. The Bok destroyed them up front, Matfield and co. dominated the forward exchanges and bullied England up front all day long. Every time the English tried going forward they went back about 5 metres. The scary thing was you got the sense that South Africa could easily go up another gear. They broke into a 30-3 lead by half time and just kinda turned off for the second half but still managed to rack up another 28 points... crazy. The best part is England have to endure it all again in Durban next week hahhahahaha

Australia 29-23 Wales

Those poor Welsh bastards. Wales did sooooo well to hang on to that lead of theirs for about 70 minutes. Though to be honest the two Welsh tries in the first half were complete breakouts resulting from stupid Oz mistakes. The Wallabies dominated possession and territory throughout so I guess they deserved to win. Though the Welsh still rattled a poor Australian side seemingly devoid of any kind of direction or purpose til Gregan made an appearance late in the game. Without Latham and Larkham the Australian backline were all over the shop relying on Mortlock to simply bludgeon his way forward or Giteau to create some magic by himself. The criminal element look VERY ordinary at the moment and a worrying lack of depth in the backs was exposed by a very determined Welsh side, that had come into this game lambasted by the Oz media. They did really well; especially young master Hook and old man Sidoli

Second test should be interesting

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