Thursday 24 May 2007

Canadian Football

The NFLs little brother to the north, the CFL. Looks the same, seems to employ pretty much the same rules, why do they have a separate league? Well these crazy Canucks play a slightly different version if rules to the yank football of the USA. From what I can recall, there is one less down for a start; which to be honest results in a lot more passing and a much more entertaining game if moderately infuriating as there are turnovers all the bloody time. I think I vaguely recall some kind of difference in pitch dimensions and team sizes as well but I may just be making this up

Now I haven't bothered bringing this sport up at all before for a couple of good reasons; 1) because it is nowhere near as good as the NFL 2) Canadians cannot play any sport that does not take place on ice well 3) The season only starts in mid June. Here are some positives to the CFL; although the players may not be as good as NFL players it makes for bigger plays because they make a lot more mistakes defensively which is entertaining if you like that sort of thing, they're not as 'perfect' as a lot of NFL players. You get the occasional player who quite clearly SHOULD be in the NFL, these guys usually run their teams offence or defence and win games by themselves (if you ever get to see this running back Ranek play you'll know what I mean). Finally I'm gonna be in Vancouver this summer so I'll be able to watch the BC Lions in action...'s either that or travel to Seattle to watch the Seahawks play and I'm not that desperate to watch an NFL game


Hugo said...

Go Seahawks! Not really.

If you're really nice macka I'll get u an LT shirt!

Anonymous said...


One of your biggest problems is the small NFL field. Very talented but small football players have little chance in this league. But those exiting players are welcome in Canada. Like all players from the states, they have to adapt. Not all can, even if they where stars in college football or played years in the NFL. Of course you need fast and very mobile defense to stop them. You do not see in the CFL lineman that can’t run. Often you see those running 20 yards to make a bloc. Nearly every play it’s a battle for the field position. No such thing to watch a football untouched after a kick! Defense, offense and special teams are equally important in the CFL.

« I will like to point out how fast sometimes a CFL lineman can be. In the Winnipeg – Montreal game for example Dario Romero 300 pounds fellow ran after Kevin Glenn 189 pounds for a good distance and tackle him for a 2 yards lost. I couldn’t believe it! »

With only two downs to make ten yards, the offense is force to take chances. It’s a more open game. It’s very hard on quarterbacks. Not much place for error. CFL is a passing league. Wide field and the extra player makes defense reading more difficult. Passing on the wide side of a CFL field it’s very hard to master. To spread the defense, a quarterback has to do it. He cannot stay in his pocket all the time. He needs to throw from different places. Most of the CFL quarterbacks are mobile. Being a passing league and a bigger football field, it’s very hard on receivers too. They run a lot and have only 20 seconds between each play. In the first year in the CFL, former NFL players or those relieved from training camps, many have legs aches. Endurance is very important in the CFL. Lots of speed and very little time to catch your breath!

The NFL it’s all about the outside of the box. Lot’s of glamour, show of, but very little in the inside. That’s why in the Super bowls they talk more about the TV commercials and the half time show then the game by itself! NFL is very rich. For 16 years they support a 30 millions lost each year in Europe. Remember, they played the NFL’s style of football! If the show was that good, Europe will steel have football!

We all know with money you can sell anything to anyone! This is the real success of the NFL, not on the quality of the show. Dollar for dollar in this aspect, CFL outperformed NFL by far! The NFL is the most over-rated sport presentation in North America if not the world. The NFL survives on slick well done media hype. The game itself is boring when compared to the CFL or in fact U.S. College football. NFL can never replicate the CFL feel of excitement and authenticity.

CFL is the only pro sport left not being corrupted by money. I do not want to be honed by NFL and turn it to a circus. CFL game is a lot more entertaining, faster the players are not spoil brats. Many former NFL players don’t even make a CFL team. It is well under estimated league. Ask Joe Kapp, Dieter Brock, Tom Clements, Warren Moon, Doug Flutie, Jos Theisman, David Archer and Jeff Garcia to name a few.

« As an American (and huge CFL fan) we could only be so fortunate as to gain added exposure to your great league. The CFL is by far the most exciting brand of football out there - most Americans would be absolutely shocked with the quality of play. If the NFL and NCAA were to adapt a few of your rules» USA CFL FAN, on Nov 20, 2005, Michigantech.

You can compare NFL as a multinational and CFL as a small company. Does it mean it as a better product because it’s big? No! Bigger doesn’t mean better! Bigger as more money, more marketing power that’s all! Big show business productions will promote with success a good looking artist even if he or she is a poor signer and make a lot of money. They surround the singer with dancers, with flash, with publicity that will cover the singer’s weakness. We all know with money you can make a super star. That’s what NFL marketing does. Many better signers don’t have the same marketing power but give a better show. That is the case for the CFL!