Monday 14 May 2007

Canada, good at ice hockey

Canada beat Finland 4-2 in the final of the ice hockey world championships in Russia. It was the 24th time Canada has won the competition, Russia and the former USSR are closest to the Canadians record with 23 victories. A disappointing tournament was capped off with a consolation victory for the Russkies over the Swedes in the third place playoff 3-1 but it will come as hollow reward for a team expected to end a 14 year drought at the world championships playing at home. Instead Canada claimed a 3rd title in five years, dispatching a Finnish team that mounted a spirited comeback after going down 3-0 to the Canadians.

I wanna use this opportunity to reiterate a rather obvious point, Canada are VERY good at hockey. I'm beginning to think that every Canadian is just genetically predisposed to be good at this sport, hell they're probably born with a puck in hand. An interesting stat I only remembered recently from my Canadian studies course in college (yes thats right) is that Canadian players constitute over 50% of the player pool in the NHL. 50.8% if wikipedia is correct. I still think its a crying shame they have to play in the NHL which to anyone outside the ice hockey world is a yank organisation full of yank players, which is just so wrong. Americans account for under 20% of the player pool in the NHL. There are more Europeans in the NHL than Americans. I just think its pretty crap that the best sportsmen in Canada, their national heroes if you will, have to go south to the USA to play hockey. It's not really fair on them or their fans.

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