Wednesday 9 May 2007

Brady Quinn - reh

This boi was supposed to be a top ten choice in this years draft but plummeted in hilariously embarrassing circumstances to number 22. To add further insult to injury he didn't even get picked up by a good team. It looked like he might even go to the Ravens or the Bears but Cleveland swooped in with a timely trade to take him at 22. So not only did he have to endure one of the the most humiliating experiences ever visited upon a draft time rookie he still got drafted by a shit team, how unlucky can you get? I've heard people say that Jamarcus Russell won't accomplish anything this year because of the competitiveness of the AFC West (that'd be the Chargers, the Broncos and the Chiefs) and whilst that may be true... Brady Quinn is gonna be dumped in the same division as the Ravens, Bengals and Steelers... he's equally screwed.

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