Saturday 26 May 2007


New Zealand Maori 59-23 Canada
[Churchill Cup]

This second round Churchill cup game was played yesterday and rather predictably the Kiwi team annihilated those poor Canucks. The Maori adopted a 'we will score more tries than you can' policy and it paid off big time. They racked up four tries before the Canadians responded with one of their own in the first half but with a 31-11 score in the New Zealanders favour Canada were pretty much screwed at the start of the second half.

And so it panned out. Supposedly a 'plucky' Canadian effort in the second period could not stem the black tide as the Maori added another 4 tries to their tally for a total of nine. The Kiwis applied a smothering level of pressure throughout the game that the Canucks simply couldn't live with. Now Canada play the USA in the 5th place play-off because both of them have finished bottom of their wee group of three. Another good outing for North American rugby eh? NOOOOOOOOOT

Group A
England Saxons (P:1, W:1 L:0 D:0)
Scotland 'A' (P:1, W:1 L:0 D:0)
USA (P:2, W:0 L:2 D:0)

Group B
New Zealand Maori (P:1, W:1 L:0 D:0)
Ireland 'A' (P:1, W:1 L:0 D:0)
Canada (P:2, W:0 L:2 D:0)

Australia 'A' 60-15 Tonga
[Pacific Nations Cup]

This kinda caught me off guard. I didn't think Australian rugby was strong enough at the moment to whomp the islanders THIS badly. Impressive. Worryingly impressive. Maybe Tonga were just shit though. The Wallabies racked up seven tries including a hat trick for some speed merchant of a winger they have, Lachlan Turner (Ever heard of him? I know I haven't). Tonga had two men sent to the sin bin during the game which didn't help matters but ultimately collapsed like a house of cards caught in a hurricane. Bugger it anyway I just don't want Australia 'A' or the Junior All Blacks to win this competition; lets go Fiji/Samoa/Tonga

Samoa 10-31 Junior All Blacks
Fiji 30-15 Japan

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