Sunday 8 April 2007

Watching NHL

Google has a whole load of hockey games online from this season up online.. the whole thing... for free... with no breaks whatsoever, its so good. They've got matches up as far as January posted up at the mo which is a bit of a while ago i know but its still pretty sweet. Having watched the New Jersey Devils and the Pittsburgh Penguins in my youth via that NHL Hour or whatever it was called on tg4 I'm currently engrossed in rediscovering my love of this sport. (That being said I'm throwing my lot in with Pittsburgh, also I hate the Philadelphia Flyers already for no real reason) Cutting out all the ad breaks lets ya really appreciate the sport. As oppossed to just getting steadily more angry every time they break for 5 minutes seemingly every 5 minutes you get to watch the whole match pretty much non stop. It still clocks in at around an hour and forty minutes though... but its worth it. Ice hockey is such a good game to watch...I'd love to see an NFL match without stoppages now...

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