Thursday 5 April 2007

Power Rankings - April

1.Easter bunny over Santa Claus - no brainer, the cute bunny wabbit or the doped up obese old man, kept on so many different uppers by the Coke corporation that he doesn't even notice th ridiculus red suit they put on him, nor the countless acts of reindeer abuse he's building up for himself that will inevitably get him in shit with the WWF. Not to mention the rampant paedophilia...

2. South Dublin Spartans over the entire Dublin division

3. Leonidas of Sparta over Chuck Norris... just about
4. NHL over NFL - I'm trading one stop/start yank sport involving unneccesary amounts of body armour for another this month. Mainly cos I'm rediscovering the joys of watching hockey (anyone else remember the NHL show that used to be on tg4?) and the NFL is in its offseason which means NOTHING interesting is happening.

5. South Park over Family Guy - ever since I saw the cartoon wars episodes I can't even look at Family Guy

6. Llanelli Scarletts and London Wasps over Leicster Tigers and Northampton Saints respectively.

7. George St. Pierre over Matt Serra - why? because he's a French Canadian karate kid, why wouldn't you want him to win?

8. The Mission soundtrack - is class

9. Super Mario All-Stars - like a fine wine, it gets better with age

10. Ron over DK - Dave if you're reading this BOOK YOUR FUCKING FLIGHTS!!

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Ben Kirwan said...

South park over Family Guy any day! Family Guy gets dull and it's too random, I think i've seen the 'peter falls over on his face for no apparent reason' joke too many times to count.