Sunday 25 March 2007

No pain, no gain

Today I've been hobbling around my house nursing various injuries. I've got severe "stiffness" and bruising on both thighs which makes walking (especially up stairs) incredibly awkward and annoyingly painful. Any and all progress I had made in the rehabilitation of my right shoulder has gone out the window, the "pop" it makes every time I try to elevate it gets more disturbing by the hour. My neck sounds like a castanet, when try to look to my right or take a swift glance anywhere my change in view is accompanied by its own soundtrack of delightful clicking and cracking noises.

Yet today I am happy, almost ecstatic. Yesterday myself and four others took part in a flag football tournament. We were hilariously inexperienced, undermanned and I'll freely admit I thought we were screwed. But I was proved spectacularly wrong. Even though we had to play every minute of every game when every other team were able to change up for defence and offence, even though we had only one game under our belts prior to this game, we still walked away with a 3-1 record and stand joint-top of the newly formed Dublin league.

Chalking up wins against Team 41, the Sharks and the usually dominant Rebels team before fatigue caught up with us and succumbing to the Dragons in our final game was quite an achievement. We found out we could defend netting six picks against Team 41 alone and that we're not that shoddy at scoring either surpassing 40 points in two of our games.

So despite our relative lack of flag expertise and manpower we did pretty well, I may be exhausted and half dead but I'm still happier than a pig in shit. And I won't hold anything against those who pulled out of playing late (Ye Nick 3 am the morning of... cheers... you bastard)
Spartans 26 - 18 Team 41
Spartans 18 - 6 Rebels
Spartans 44 - 32 Sharks
Spartans 40 - 43 Dragons

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