Wednesday 7 March 2007

I reeeeally like your hustle.. thats why it was so hard to cut you [revised]

NFL offseason has begun and as the scouting combine commences and the experts get wrapped up in the miniscule fact that one player can run a split-second faster than another or jump about a millimetre higher, the arguably more important process of cutting and resigning players has begun. As every franchise ditches the duds or just tries desperately to get under the salary cap which is $109 million I think there are sacrifices that have to be made. The rush to get under the cap has inevitably led to some pretty big names being dropped by some teams and the free agency. So far that list includes...

Joey Porter (LB) - Pittsburgh Steelers (taken by Dolphins)

Jamal Lewis (RB) - Baltimore Ravens (taken by the CLEVELAND BROWNS!!!!?? what the fuck...)

Patrick Kerney (DE) - Atlanta Falcons (taken by Seahawks)

Drew Bledsoe (QB) - Dallas Cowboys

Joe Horn (WR) - New Orleans Saints

Brad Johnson (QB) - Minnesotta Vikings

Aaron Brooks (QB) - Oakland Raiders

Jeff Garcia (QB) - Philadelphia Eagles (taken by Bucs)

Corey Dillon (RB) - New England Patriots

Ovie Mughelli (FB) - Baltimore Ravens (who has been picked up by Atlanta NOOOOO)

Adalius Thomas (LB) - Baltimore Ravens (taken by Patriots)

Martin Gramatica (K) - Dallas Cowboys

Jake Plummer (QB) - Denver Broncos (taken by Bucs)

Ahman Green (RB) - Green Bay Packers

Jeremy Stevens (TE) - Seattle Seahawks

Thomas Jones (RB) - Chicago Bears (taken by NY Jets)

Travis Henry (RB) - Tennesse Titans (taken by Broncos)

Those are the biggest names to come out of the pile of duds that were cut at the beginning of the off-season. Don't get me wrong, most of these guys were cut for a good reason but they'd still be a valuable addition to any of the more beleaguered teams in the NFL like the Oakland Raiders... eh Al? The Oakland Raiders ye? They didn't have a very good year old Oakland, not a good year for Raider nation at all
Been some pretty big moves so far, the Bucs seem to be going for a monopoly on free agent QBs signing both Plummer and Garcia, soooo unneccessary. Chicago letting Jones go was a surprise, and he goes to NY to replace an aging Curtis Martin who'll in all probability retire. Defensive end Patrick Kerney is a biiiiiig signing for an already impressive Seattle defensive unit and being a large anti-Seahawks kinda guy, I am not amused by this development, not amused in the slightest. More worrying for me is the fact that the Ravens are leaking players left right and centre. Baltimore have lost a Pro-Bowl LB Thomas and their starting FB Mughelli (who was an absolute revelation last season). I'm just hoping no other team notices that Jamal Lewis is still on the market anytime soon.... (7/3/07 - 9:00 am)
Jamal Lewis has been picked up by the Cleveland Browns... dammit (8/2/07 - 7:03 am)


Hugo said...

Didn't know Bledsoe was cut. Did T.O. have a say in the matter? probably.

Macka said...

ye Dallas have opted for johnny no-hands (I can't actually remember his name...) over the human tackle bag, its prob a good choice, I just wish Baltimore would stop releasing their entire team....