Thursday 15 March 2007

The Bear neccessities

Lance Briggs is an outside Linebacker currently of the Chicago Bears franchise in the NFL. Lance Briggs was the Bears' top tackler last season recording 117 solo, yes that is more than Brian Urlacher. Lance Briggs turned down a 6 year, $33 million contract to stay with the Bears. Lance Briggs was then designated the teams Franchise player which nets him an immediate $7.2 million in addition to his proposed contract if he re-signs with the team. What would you do if you were Lance Briggs?

You are a fan favourite in a team that prides itself in uncompromising defence. Not only are you one of the most respected and loved individuals in the city, your reputation is only just beginning to grow in the NFL. Your star can only rise if you stay with Chicago, the Superbowl losers last year. To sweeten the deal the Bears' management is throwing money worthy of the US military budget at you just to play football, the sport you love to play. So what do you do?

You refuse the $33 million cos you're better than that, pff its only pocket change anyway. You then proceed to sulk about the Franchise tag thats been slapped on you making it near impossible for you to be traded away for at least one more season. On a bit of a roll at this stage you next alienate your teammates and your fans by speaking to the media about how much you don't like Chicago and playing for the Bears. Then finally, the baby who didn't get his bottle refuses to play another snap for Chicago, even they keep him around for another year. At this stage your pathetically farcical "negotiations" with the Bears is only hurting your career. Its actually embarrassing even to read about any more, its like watching a child argue with its parents in public. Cringe worthy. Even if you do want to leave the Bears who the fuck is gonna want such a whiny bitch who's more concerned about his pay check than his performance/reputation. I've never seen such a concerted effort by a sportsman/woman to jeopardise their fledgling career, what a fool. Good riddance to a bad sportsman.

"The $7.2 million -- although it's a good number, it looks nice -- there's no job security in it," Briggs told ESPN. "I played four years as a third-round draft pick. I played four years as a third-round draft pick at the league minimum, and there've been no talks of a contract negotiation this year. ... In my opinion, there is no intention on a long-term deal here."

AGGHHHH what a fucking idiot!!

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