Friday 2 February 2007

"Contact" Sports

Just recently a couple of my close associates had an in-depth albeit inconclusive argument about the level of contact or physical punishment if you will that occurs in their respective sporting fields. On the one hand we had D.Fitzgerald and football, and set against him the champions of basketball, Ed and M. Kelly. Whilst the presence of Fitzy in this debate made it ultimately a pointless venture it got me thinking, what constitutes a "contact" sport.
As their argument continued I sat by in smug knowledge that surely I could jump in at any moment and say the magic word "rugby" and it'd all be over. I didn't and in retrospect I probably shoud have but now that I've come to contemplate the subject at hand I've come to the conclusion that it is purely subjective what sports one considers "contact".
The question hinges on what one considers to be "contact", is it being in constant physical contact with an opponent a la wrestling/martial arts? Or maybe a contact sport has to be hard hitting, big tackles, bone shuddering hits that make the viewer whince like Yank football or Ice hockey. There is almost continuous contact in basketball and the occasional hard fall, the same could be argued of football, it is purely subjective.
And whatever about the contestants hitting each other, contact can be read to include the sporting arena as well. Should snowboarding, skiing, skateboarding etc. be excluded from contention too? I've never been unfortunate enough to experience the undoubtably extreme level of pain that follows a fall in one of those sports.
My point is.. contact in a sporting sense can be interperated in a myriad of different ways, from minimal but constant contact in say basketball to hard but rare in football to just all round pain in rugby. But again.. I digress, this debate is pointless because nearly any sportsman, regardless of discipline, can argue that his sport is "tougher" than someone elses. I learnt something that fateful night in Fitzys house as they bickered over this subject. Any and every sport can be rgued as being a contact sport (perhaps some more than others)... but at the end of the day... golf is still mind numbingly boring

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ed said...

yeh but we can all agree that no matter WHAT hocky can nooooot be described as MORE contact than any of the above sports, no matter what ur definition. "oh i say johnny we appear to have tapped sticks...FOOOOOOOUUUUL (ball to the mouth doesnt count fitzy, one hard tackle that happened to ur friend "that one time" doesnt count fitzy, making contact with the ball doesnt count fitzy